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Submerged-arc welding

For submerged-arc welding we manufacture contact tips, tip holders and also flux funnels. The basic material for submerged-arc tips is CuCrZr, but for even better resistance to wire abrasion it is possible to use CuCoBe or also a special composite material with a hard core utilizing powder metallurgy.

    Double wire 2x2,0/2x2,4
  • M16x1,5/SW17/D=20/L=62mm Wire: 3,0/4,0
  • M16/SW19/L=60mm
    Wire: 3,0/3,2/3,4/4,0
  • M16/SW17/L=48mm
    Special einlauf Wire: 4,0
  • M16/SW17/D=12/L=120mm
    Wire: 2,4/3,0/3,2/3,4
  • M14/SW17/D=19/L=39mm
    Wire: 2,0/2,4/2,7/3,0/3,2/3,4/4,0
  • M14, M16/SW 17
    With teflon insulation L: 55mm, 65mm, 75mm Pro drát: 1,6/2,0/2,4/2,7/3,0/3,2/3,4/4,0
  • UP-jaw L=58mm Wire: 3,0/4,0
  • M16/SW19/D=22/L=45mm
    Wire: 2,0/2,4/2,7/3,0/3,2/3,4/4,0
  • D=18/L=55mm
    Double wire Ring 19,85mm Wire : 2x2,0/2x2,4/2x3,0/2x3,4
  • M16/SW17/L=75mm
    Wire: 3,0/4,0
  • M14/SW16/L=48mm
    Wire: M14/SW16/L=48mm
  • M10/SW12/D=16/L=37mm
    Wire: 1,6/2,0/2,4/2,7/3,0/3,2/3,4/4,0
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