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About company

B.S.B. welding has been active on the European welding market since 2004 and today belongs to a very limited group of European companies who are the direct manufacturers of consumable parts for the welding sector.

Our continual contact with end users in the welding industry gives us a unique edge in feedback on the needs and trends in this sector and enables us to adapt our production programme in much more detail in comparison to other manufacturers.

Our production programme includes consumable parts for all main welding systems which are currently in use in Europe.

Quality control

The high quality of our products is also assured by using the latest generation of CNC swiss-type lathes for superior machining precision.

Delivery times

We are used to seeing a number of customers in the welding sector complain about unusually long delivery times, which is causing them needless problems in their production process. If you have a skeptical view in this sense and have bad experience with large names in the business in this area, please take a chance to try us and see that things can work the way you want them to!

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